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    Best thing for Cutting???????

    I'm currently 6'0 220 pounds. I am in no rush to get mass muscle. At this point in my life i would like to shred down all the body fat that i can, and maintain a very low low healthy level. That is one thing i would like to do as soon as possible. What is the best AS to use, or what is the best cycle to take? All help and advice is greatly appreciated, so thanks in advance.

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    body fat%?
    years training?

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    3 years (sometime on and off b/c of military issues but that is no longer a problem)
    steady healthy diet. I try to keep with lean meats. The right vegetables. I used to never use cardio though as a part of my training. I just did what was needed for sports or recreational activities. But now i do cardio 5 days a week. I could wait it out and wait for the body fat % to go down. but i'm not one for patience in that area.

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