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    T/E Ratios Please Respond

    Ok, I am dumb when it comes to numbers so please forgive me. The way I understand the ratios are our testosterone to epitest. levels are that they are 1:1. Now, during steroid testing anything over a 6:1 ratio is a red flag. If someone had been taking sustanon 250 which stays in the system for up to 3 to 4 months maybe longer, how long would the persons ratios test as a red flag, or over 6:1. Is there a way to get those levels down quicker? I know there is PCT but I am unsure of what should be done or taken. So the bottom line question is, what can be done to get the ratios back to normal as quickly as possible so as to not test positive on a steroid test, and how long will it take for this to happen?

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

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    This question should be in the testing section...

    But yes, this is one of the more recent and more accurate testing procedures for Anabolics. Variances in the T/E ratios can be detected for far longer then if testing for the drug itself. I posted a study on here probably about a year ago that suggested Test E or C use can be detected up to 9 months after discontinuing

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