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    Safe yet Strong 2nd Cycle - Thoughts?


    I'm about to start my second serious cycle - I did a few months with just a simple deca / winstrol combo and was pretty happy with the results...

    I know everyone has a thing about using test - particularly for a first cycle - but I'm super paranoid about the whole DHT / hairloss thing and so don't want to touch test or any of it's closest cousins.

    That said, I do want to make this next cycle really count. I'd be interested to know what people think about what I have planned - I've just come back from Thailand (pattaya) and have a veritable chemists in my cupboard! ;o)

    I'm 6'2", 30 yrs old and about 200 lbs - around 10% bodyfat at a guess - maybe a bit more now since it's Xmas ;o)

    Oxandrolone - Weeks 1-12 - 40mg/d

    Dianabol - Wks 1-7 - 15-30mg/d (Nolvadex - Wks 1-9 - 25 mg/d)

    Deca - Wks 1-7 - 300-400mg/w

    Primobolan - Wks 7-12 - 200-300 mg/w

    Winstrol - Wks 7-12 - 50-100 mg/d (Tablets)

    This seems to be a fairly safe yet strong cycle - never used D-Bol before but everyone rates it. Little worried about the side-effects - particularly hair loss, but it seems in a small dose it's fairly safe. Will probably add some Clenbuterol Wks 9-12 to get more cut, and will be taking plenty of milk thistle...

    What do people think? There aren't many stacks like this that I've read about, but then Primo and Oxan are both pretty expensive and so not used too much...

    Let me know - thanks!

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    That's a long time to be on an oral with the anavar . I'm definitely not a rx but someone else might want to chime in here.

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    thats terrible, i'd rather lose my hair than my dick and liver. too many compounds IMO. What was your PCT like and Your planned one for this cycle?

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    That will shut you down very quickly...The reason you don't see anyone running something like this is that you are running a lot of orals and a very suppressive 19-nor in the Deca .

    I don't think you truly understand the effect something like you proposed will have on your HPTA and recovery.

    Scrap your current plan and post something better...I can tell you that nobody is going to support what you have proposed because your dosages, timing, and stack are all screwed up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by daem View Post
    Scrap your current plan and post something better...I can tell you that nobody is going to support what you have proposed because your dosages, timing, and stack are all screwed up.
    ^^ agreed.

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    There's a reason why you've not seen a cycle posted that is like the one you posted. Var and Dianabol or Winstrol and Dianabol should not be used in the same cycle. I would not use that many orals to begin with at your level. What are your goals anyway? You never said what your goals are.

    If you want to do a cutting cycle, and it looks like you do, do not use dianabol. If you are trying to do a bulking cycle, don't use winstrol, primo or var. A good cutting cycle would be something like test (which should be in any cycle), tren and winstrol or test, primo and winstrol. Throw some clen and T3 in there if you want and you'll have yourself a sick cutting cycle that makes use of a test base, 19-nor and DHT-derived steroid and fat-burner combo. Deca can be used as the 19-nor as well, but you need to run it longer than 7 weeks.

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    After I read some of your feedback I've cut this cycle right down! I'm looking to put on 10-15 lbs of quality muscle... I know how and when to eat and will be training about 4 times a week...

    Oxandrolone - Wks 1-12 40mg/d

    Deca - Wks 1-8 - 200-300mg/wk

    Primo - Wks 3-12 - 200-300 mg/wk

    I've scrapped the Winstrol but - since I have a ton of the stuff - might just take 10-15 mg/d of D-Bol for the first couple of weeks. I know this doesn't seem a lot, but I've never tried it before, and have read a lot that it can frick with your hair follicles...

    This is a pretty safe cycle now right? And isn't too much? I might be tempted to up the dosages of Deca and Primo depending on the results I'm getting... Thoughts?

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    they are all test's closest cousins and the primo and winny ansd anavar are dht based ...usually the roughest on hairline out of any steroids (dht based) i believe some reevaluation is necessary ....

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    everything you just posted is ridiculous

    add test. the deca and winny is more harmful to your hair then test is

    stick to test and deca. for second cycle. youll see great gains since you didnt run test on previous cycle...

    and man... your 30. your getting old. stop worrying about your hair. do you wanna get big or have hair? suck it up. walk it off..
    if your so paranoid about the hair. get some finastride. nizoral 2% and spiro.
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    you worryied test is gonna make you lose hair but your taking winny? LOL

    Scratch that lineup and start over please.

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