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    Roaccutane and winstrol

    Hi guys i am starting roaccutane soon, my next cycle is winny injectable. will there be any problems with taking them at the same time??

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    Welcome. What is roaccutane? Why are you taking winny by itself?

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    roaccutane is a vitamin a derivate used for treating acne. it's taken orally for about 6 month.

    I have never done steroids but i have done 6 months of roaccutane and i assure you, you do not wanna do winstrol at the same time.

    First of all, roaccutane is hard on your liver and u shouldnt even drink alcohol while on this stuff. I assure you, you won't be able to function if u stack roaccutane and winstrol lol.

    2nd, roaccutane dries out your joints and afaik winstrol does that aswell.

    Different ppl react differently i know, but have u actually read the warning label on roaccutane? U should be careful with this stuff. srsly

    edit: saw now that ur doing inject, i dont know if that affects ur liver, but i still would recommend against doing these things at the same time.

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    bad choices

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