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    SUS 250 with winny

    Hey guys, Listen I am running SUS 250 for 8 weeks at 500mg per week in my
    8th week I am adding winstrol and dropping Sus for another 8 weeks is this to much ? Sorry I'm learning I already posted my stats but here they are again
    just started my cycle 12/26/08 Weight 157, 10% BF, 5'5, age 53 mesomorph
    going to compete in April trying to hold on to a little bit more come showtime
    than going in at 157 lbs. I am just nervous about how long a cycle can go for without any irreversible sides.
    P.S I train a triple split Mon/Thur.....Chest and Back
    Tues/Fri.......Arms and shoulders
    Wed/ Sat..... Legs
    45 to 1 hr of treadmill 15 degree 2.6 MPH
    Blood test 2 weeks before start all ok
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