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    letro 1/4 e3d HELP...............

    Hi guys first of all let me tell that this forum has helped me a lot so thank u guys.................

    Yesterday i asked sum1 that since i have pre existing gyno how m i suppose to take letro doses in small amount during sustanon 250 cycle coz i have it in tablet form which is 2.5mg per tab and he told me to cut it into 4 pieces and take 1/4 taps (.63mg) e3d from the beggining of your cycle until the end then start your pct(for Rebound effect)

    Is it any good doses from the day 1 to the end of my cycle.......
    and when i finish my cycle when i finshed my cycle then how long shoid i wait to start my pct ?????

    Sorry bros it 's long to read but plzzzz help me guys

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    usually u start ur pct 2 weeks after ur cycle but take ur letro EOD..

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