need help guys, is this test and accutane messing me up. since i started the test about 3 months ago ive been aving chest aches. just across my chest every so often.but never stops throughout the doctor done a few tests last week n said my heat beat n blood pressure where fine.i had little pains down my right arm couple days ago. like it felt kind of weak. then it went to left arm the following day. the dull aches avnt been as bad since they started,but seem more dramatic wen they done come now.i got 2 sharp pains just before writing this right in the centre of my chest.last about a second.ive never had this with the steroids before.i dunno whether the accutane isnt going well with the test. but i avnt heard of any1 havin problems wen they take accutane with their cycle.ive stopped working out for a week now cause my doctor thought it cud be a strain.ive got another week of not training.but doctor said if its still there by then he will send me to the hospital for next blood test for the accutane isnt till the 20th Jan.just dont wanna be dropping dead all of a sudden.