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    Weight Fluctuaction - Water weight food etc

    I'm currently on a tbol only cycle started the dose at 80mg a week for first two weeks, in the third week now at 100mg going to continue that through for six weeks but the thing im noticing is my weight doesnt seem to fluctuate too much anymore, anyone ever notice this?

    For the past three weeks ive been weighing myself in the morning and been seeing steady gains but occassionaly ill weigh myself at midday or three/four or even six pm and obviously im going to weigh more but the thing that gets me is that larger amount when im retaining water isnt increasing as well.

    For example week one i weighed 69.5kg in the morning and 72ish around midday, week three i weighed 70.5kg in the morning and around 72ish again at midday and half way into week three im about 71kg in the morning and still weighing that 72kg later on in the day. Anyone got any ideas on why my water weight isnt increasing as well, am i more dehydrated lately?

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    Eating enough? Doing alot of cardio to replace fat with muscle?

    I'm guessing your diet could use some tweaking before you start worrying about the scale.

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