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    Missed Injection

    Ok Im sure it has happened to all of us at some point. This question is is geared (pun intended) towards longer esters. When running a longer estered cycle and you are late on an injection, do you then push back your next scheduled injection by the same amount of time or do you inject at the same time you would have had you not been late? does that even make sense? does it depend on how far along you are in the cycle?


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    Even if I inject on say mondays and thursdays normally and I missed my thursday injection and it's now Sunday, I'd still inject immediately and inject on monday. I'm not a fan of pushing back injections. You could lose some of your gear in your blood levels and it may never fully recover to what it was before. I do the same thing with short esters. If I go somewhere and can't inject for 2 days with say tren ace, I will do a triple dose then day I come back and get right back into it. Hell, I'll even do a double dose of dbol if I miss one day.

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