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    Question T3 Cytomel, supressing you natural Thyroid?

    T3 Cytomel , supressing you natural Thyroid? I just read an old article in an 1978 bodybuilding magazine. They were discussing the use of t-3 and siad how bad the stuff was and how it would shut down the producation of Thyroid hormone permently... I baught some t-3 back in the 1990s and read how it would make you loose 20 lbs.. then when you got off you would gain 35 back.. so I gave it away. I recently started taking it while trainning for a bodybuilding contest. I'm ready to get off but now I'm worried that I might have slowed my matabolism down. What do you guys think? I was only onn it for about 6 week and I worked up to 75mcgs. I have recently researced t3 and they dont seem to be worried about the negitive effect of it as much. I would like to switch to adipex or ECA for a few weeks but it does not seem to be around like it was at one time. any thought of what I should do or the safty of t-3

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    Never been a fan of it when I've ran it as it is very difficult to use without stripping muscle along with fat.

    Males are less predisposed to having thyroid issues than females are, and I've never heard of any cases where it shut down any males permanently...I don't know how much truth there is to the hypothesis you read in that old mag.

    The hypothalamus is a unique part of our endocrine systems, so what it did to me might not necessarily be equivalent to what it would do to you.

    Your question is equivalent to testosterone production being stifled by cycling...It happens to some but not all.

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