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    how to determine effects on fertility?

    hey i was just curious about fertility in relation to length of time on?

    for instance im 21 and did a couple shows awhile ago and am getting ready for another one in a few months. sometime in life im sure i would like to have kids, not anytime soon though. so i was just curious what my optioins are as i usually am on alot.

    i could wait till the end of my cycle post cycle and freeze some of my own sperm right? anyone know how long they would last for?

    i cant stay on and have kids correct? you need to come off to get a chick pregnant, and your hormones have to be incheck from proper post cycle to get someone pregnant once your off right?

    last question if i stay on for a 6-9 month periods at a time with 8-12 week post cycles am i still gunna be able to get my hpta back up to normal and have kids if i continue cycling like that?

    any input and adive appreciated thanks.

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    humm.... i asked the same questions as yours actually , as i am going to compete myself on a national level.

    it is all individual bro , thats the answer i got : there is no set in stone answer.

    some guys recover fast , some dont.

    i would say if you stay on , use HCG at 250iu's 2-3 times per week to keep testicular size and function , you will surely have an easier time when you get off and want to have children instead of your nuts disappearing and maybe never waking up again, no need to risk that.

    A LOT of people had kids while ON , i would say because of the frequency of sex.

    in addition , IMHO , i dont think there is a set number of sperm count , they say you need 20 million minimum but i dont really buy that i know people who had much much lower sperm counts , used steroids , and had kids. Its only one friggin spermatozoa.

    in conclusion i want to tell you that the most important thing IMO is to keep testicular function by HCG use , and dont abuse dosages so that you dont screw your organs in the long run.

    hope that helps bro.

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    just prick a condom...

    wait 3 - 4 weeks for the morning sickness to kick in.

    and bam. you know if you're fertile or not. ha!

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