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    keto diet question...

    im sick of eating egg whites tuna fish all over and over. im looking for a 0 carb diet.... at the momment in in ketosis man...... i dont want to give up.... do any of you have any ideas for a 0 carb high fat meal??? plz help me out... i checked the grocery store and all the mayo on the shelf contains sugar!!!! cant find one without sugar man!!! sugar is a carb... sooo thats why im staying away from it. i also got flax use a table spoon in each can of tuna ... GIVE ME MORE IDEAS FOR FOODS!! lol thanks guys..

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    you do know that some people can stay in ketosis and eat up to 20g of carbs every day.

    I will try and see if i can locate you any completely zero carb foods.

    How is your energy level with no carbs at all? how long have you been on it?

    BUMP for zero carb foods

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    there is some chicken breast u can get with no sugar or carbs u can also grill up some hamburger patties

    thats what i use

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    keto food

    dude.. if it is zero carb you can eat all the fat you want... I suggest trying a steak smothered in butter with some sour cream on top.. hahaha... when I was on Body Opus I got really creative... I know it sounds nasty.. but a good snack when you are on a CKD is pork rinds with creme cheese on them...

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    I could use some insight too

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    Cheese. Put cheese on everything, it contains less than a carb a serving. walnuts are also good at 2 carbs a serving and lots of omega 3.


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