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Thread: Buying Anavar

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    Buying Anavar

    After years of training and not getting the results I decided to try steroids ... As with any new venture the first step is to get informed! I found a lot of useful information online and decided that Anavar was perfect for what I'm trying to achieve. My main problem is that while I know people who know people I have no assurance that I'm buying is the genuine article ,

    edited. this is your 1 and only warning, do not ask for a source again or you will be banned

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    Yup its to much to ask, you are fishing and theres no fishing allowed here, Just find out what Winny looks like and dont let your guy sell you winny


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    First off... Its steroids ...not meth... no need for a bath tub . And no one is going to tell you what youre asking. Besides...listing something like that im sure would have legal implications for this website. but just a tip...i wouldnt trust ANY site called "" hahaha

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    dont buy anything until you have a trustworthy dealer

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