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    serious question from an 18 year old

    ok so i posted a thread before of just usin nolvedex at 18 and alot of you thought it was a bad idea. well here is my problem i am goin to be competing in a national bodybuilding competion in a bout a year when i am about 19 for teens and the problem alot of them are already on roids. i can hang with my competiton but there is no way i can win against people that juice. is there any kind of steroid or anything that might not jack me up but will give me enough of an edge to get myself on my competitons neck?

    alot of my buddys compete but are alot older and are juicing but they also recomend i wait even though i train with them with the same amount of intesity.

    o and for the record i dont think there are to many people that eat cleaner than me.

    all my meals in the day consist of rather chicken breast, tuna or salmon.
    i eat brown rice 3 times a day
    and take in so many supps that i am one.
    i also eat over 4500 cals a day.


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    post a pic of what you look like now bro. if your going to do this for a living and plan on turning pro then you need to make the decision of whether the risks are worth it. you obviously wont make it far in the bodybuilding world without steroids but you need to know all the risks and rewards before you make this life changing decision
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    other stats, weight and height please

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    Bump for a picture.
    There are numerous reasons why someone your age shouldn't juice, and no offense but I wonder if your thought process now is the same that it will be when you are in your 40's. I know when I was a teen I pretty much felt like I would live forever and I did things then I certainly wouldn't now. At any big decision, I feel it's important to consider the best and worst case scenarios. Best case you juice, blow up nicely, and maybe even win a few shows. I'm sure you know how slim the chances are for someone actually turning pro and making a living at this, so chances are that will be where this venture peaks. Worst case, you cause substantial problems with your still developing endocrine system, and end up hating life by the time you're twice your present age. What seems so important now may not seem as important then.

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    Theres this local kid named Evelio ? something....idk...he was featured in Flex magazine...he works and trains at my gym...when I met him I talked to him about whether he was on juice...he's 20 now and he said no..not at the moment but is considering it to further his career.....whether he has or hasn't I really don't know..I've never seen him taking anything...but it seems a little unnatural to be his age and that big...although genetics play a part... I would lean towards he may have done gear.

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