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    I'm preparing for spring and hope to start in mid january. I am currently
    5'11 200lbs around 10% body fat. Last years spring cycle was deca
    at 300mg for 8weeks and winny from weeks 3 to 9 at 50mg a day. I
    got pretty shredded but I had a tiny bit of bloat in the stomach which
    was probably from the deca. I did not have any joint problems or any
    other side effects.
    This spring I was thinking of:
    eq 400m/wk1-10
    winny 50mg/day wks 7-13
    clen starting in week 7 and running it through week 15.(2 weeks on/off)
    clomid starting week 13-16
    femara 1.25mg eod
    I want to use a low dose of t3 also, how should I do this?

    I don't want to use test b/c I am in college and I spend a lot of time
    at the pool and outside with my shirt off. I would much rather
    sacrifice a little gains than get zits. My goal is to stay the same weight
    but get sick shredded. I would like to get my bodyfat around 6%. Any

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    before you take cytomel go to cyclones page on 60 day cytomel or t 3 cycle its got some great info and as far as the cycle it works
    i got grea results from it about to start another soon probly around february

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    this is what I did I am 6 %

    I stack deca /test four weeks then added winny and clen (0.200 mg tabs for two weeks on two weeks off) then I added ligiud clen for two weeks on two weeks off. I cut my diet 1000 cal and cardie5 times a week before breakfast. I went from 12% to 6%
    week 1-4
    deca,test and week 3-4 clen
    week 4-8 deca/test/winny with week 7-8 clen liquid
    week 8-10 deca,test/winny
    10-12 liquid clen
    I ran xenedrene and firedrene and derma lean all 12 weeks. Wow I am so shredded I look like bigger fight club. I am planing to do the same before summer but with fina instead deca and add a little t-3. I want to hit 4 % body fat.
    greek god status is what I want.

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    any other suggstions?

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