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    who has the best fina kits???

    i dont think this is source posting, but who has the best fina kits???? pm me if it is??

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    You got a pm

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    No one respond to this in the thread, as stated by TNT :

    Several months ago, due to increased enforcement actions by federal, state, and local regulatory authorities, the no-source posting policy of Anabolic Review was extended to include syringes, needles, fina, and fina kits.

    All posts or threads that list sources for these items will be deleted. Since it's been happening so much lately, this message will serve as a notice regarding A.R. policy.

    Yes, we know it's inconvenient, but this move has been made for the safety of the board and its members.

    Again, please do not inquire about, or list, sources for syringes/needles or fina/kits in any open posts.

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