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    Is it gyno if it already was there

    Here is my question. Im 20 now, took a low dose six weeker of test and deca this summer. Havent taken anything for 4 months, just started a 350mg a week winny cycle for 8 weeks. Looking to cut down bf im at about 8% right now. Well thats my history of aas use, now heres my question. I was a pudgy kid and always had bitch tits growing up. No matter how skinny I get there is always like a fatty lump under my nipples. Is this gyno? or does everyone have that, this is something ive always had, not something that apeared after the juice. Will nolvadex make this go away, or just talk to my doc?

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    It sounds like it

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    Something like 60% of boys get mild gyno going thru puberty. It generally resolves, but not always. Do a search on Andactrim, try and get a script from your doc for it. Its a transdermal form of DHT. It has been shown to reduce or eliminate gyno in the majority of cases.

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