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    WTF is going on with this Cyp...

    The last two shots of **'s TestCyp made my ass sore as a mother fucker! This is my third cycle using his cyp and never any pain like this before? Could I be doing something wrong? Same pins, same mg as last time (300) twice a week. My ass is sore like a mother fucker....I'm sitting on a heating pad that vibrates. I always use my right glute for the cyp and left for deca /eq - these never hurt. WTF is i doing wrong? I sore like a mother fucker...hardly sit down?

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    i feel your pain bro i used his cyp before i got great results from it, but a little pain too.

    "I always use my right glute for the cyp and left for deca /eq - these never hurt." put the deca in the same syringe as the cyp, and it will be alot painless bro. during my cycle with his gear i was shooting the same way you said above, and i didn't feel any pain really. then after a few shots the pain started. i mixed the deca in the same syringe problem was solved..

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    u might have hit a nerve or something on the way in. if it just started hurtinh, u should be ok. probably wont happen again if u sed it that many times.

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    Hey, if you're doing 3cc's (deca , cyp, eq), and you don't want to shoot it up all at once (which I would do), why don't you put it all into one syringe, mix it, then put 1.5 in each glute.

    What do you think?

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