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    How does one get higher status. I see member, and vet status. How do I upgrade to a member or other.

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    Stick around.

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    it's based on number of posts.....most of the time (you know who you are)

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    well, vet status has nothing to do with posts - that status is conferred upon those whom the management deems qualify for such a title due to their length in the game, knowlege and know how - that means that you can more readily depend on what they are telling you - still, Vets may disagree or have different opinions so always do your own research

    most vets are already vets or mods on other boards - there are undoubtably several people who are signed up on AR that deserve such status but that for one reason or another, we have missed and so we appologize in advance and hope that we are made aware of our error.

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