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    Question 8 week fina/prop cycle

    I want to run this at:

    -75mg of prop ed for 8 weeks
    -75mg of fina ed for weeks 3-8

    This is my 2nd cycle and I was wondering if I will get good gains off it. Is 75mg of prop too much? Also, is my cycle too short? I would really appreciate some good advise. Oh, and before you say it, I am going to use nolva, hcg , and clomid post cycle. Thanx

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    wouldn't you like to know
    most run prop/fina for just 6 weeks, i guess it just comes down to preferance.

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    Hey bro, 75mgs of prop ed is fine. But id run the 75mgs of fina from weeks 1 - 8 along with the prop.


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