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    Opinions: Mass v. 'Cut' Drugs

    What are ya'll opinions on the belief that drugs such as dbol and test will do more to increase frame size than muscle size(particularly in ectomorphs), whereas drugs such as Tren , Halo, etc. have very little effect on frame size. According to before and after pics that I've seen, even though less weight is gained with the latter drugs, the results are much more impressive in the muscles, and with dbol, etc. the chest is just expanded.

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    Complete BS.......yes fina, winny, halo etc give you a dryer harder look and long ester tests, dbol , anadrol etc give you little more bloated look it is still possible to cut on a test/dbol cycle it all depends on your diet and cardio also running adex or femara will cut down on the bloat.

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    I am pretty sure none of the AAS actually make your frame bigger if what you mean is like your bones grow.....well gh maybe. they all add to muscle density, but like ski said some make you look dryer than others.

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