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    any suggestions ?

    Ok I posted a thread a few weeks ago about possible cycles for me. I'm looking to put on some good quality mass but at the same time get shredded. I'm a baseball player so I can't get too bulky but I definitely need to get stronger. I also have to worry about NCAA drug tests and being clean. This the cycle I've been thinking about.
    Test Prop wks 1-10 100mg eod
    Winny wks 1-6 50mg ed
    Clomid post cycle
    Now the only thing I'm questioning with this cycle is the whole mystery of winny's detection time.
    My other cycle suggestion is.
    Test Prop wks 1-10 100mg eod
    Clen /ECA wks 4-12 100mcg ed
    Clomid post cycle
    With this cycle I'm worried about the effectiveness of Clen, I really want something that can help me put on quality muscle and really help me get shredded.
    Let me know what you guys think about the cycle and remember that I'm a baseball player and I can't afford to just get really bulky being that I play middle infield.

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    what was your name again ? gonna notify your AD

    If you are stopping the winny 4 weeks earlier than the Prop, why would you be concerned about it's detection time ?? You'd be fine with that one. Unless you are thinking of trying to run the winny all 10 weeks.

    When do you plan on running this cycle ?? ASAP ?? Christmas holidays ?? 10 weeks will take you into mid-feb / beginning of march - what if you get popped right at the start of the season ??

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    i would start the cycle at the end of May. I'm concerned about the winny bc I hear winny can be detected for a long time bc it get stored in fat cells or something and you never know if it will show up or not.

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