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    clenbuterol pump

    hey guys, i've just bought a bottle of clenbuterol in the syrup form. all the research i've done on clen tells me about pills and not the syrup. i'm 245 pounds and looking to loose the gut. besides the obvious diet, how should i measure my clen? do i take it by the cc, or by the pump mechanism it came with? i was told to take it as follows: one cc twice a day for two days, then take a day off....follow that for one week then up the dosage to two cc's twice a day. anyone have any other suggestions?

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    I'd recommend taking 1 full squirt in the morning, and one mid afternoon, no later then 6 pm.

    Do this for 2 weeks on, then 2 weeks off, cycle that until your bottles done. don't forget it's not magic, you still have to have a clean diet and get your fair share of cardio in, if you do, when you finish you should be some shredded beef.

    Good luck.
    any question's just pm me

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