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Thread: Woman on Dbol?

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    Woman on Dbol?

    Hey. I have a girlfriend who would like to try AS. I got an over-stash of Thai Dbol and was wondering if 2.5mg a day would be sufficient enough for her to make gains in lets say.....6 weeks? I'm not sure how much AS girls take (or even what kind of cycles they run); I'm more familiar with guy dosages. Thanks!

    P.S. She is 20, 105lbs, 5'3'', and she wants to bulk. Also, what kind of sides do you think that she MAY encounter (Because I know that most of the sides that guys are suppose to encounter....don't happen)???

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    All I have is Dbol to work with right now. I believe that 2.5mg a day is a very low dosage. She is worried a lil about the sides and I know that most of the sides that guys are suppose to encounter on a cycle just....don't happen. So I'm persuming that 2.5mg of dbol a day would be sufficient enough for her to make gains and only encounter small sides like: bloating, some acne,...etc. Whats your expert advice ? Thanks!

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    Or even if you think that 2.5mg is too high.....she could even go down to 1.25mg a day.

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    This is from the drug profiles section under dianabol .

    Women should not use Dianabol because, due to its distinct andro-genic component, considerable virilization symptoms can occur.

    Why don't you try her on BTG Oxandin (anavar ). It was designed for women and kids, so it minimizes(sp) androgenic sides. Women take a low dose, so that helps with the price of the cycle.

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    I don't think dbol is a very good choice for most women. Try primo or anavar . If dbol is all you have then tell her to wait until you can get something else.

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    yeah bro,, I'd keep her away from the D-bols.

    Anavar or maybe Winny in low doses would be your better choices

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    This is a post from the womans board on elite ;

    To the Men who are trying to help a female friend. (post #1)

    The BEST thing you can do, if your truly concerned for her well being, is to get her on this board. Spending $500 for a computer is 1000 x's more beneficial than $10,000 worth of gear. I can't say it any more plain than that.

    If you do some searches on winny, anavar , women, primo you will find ALOT of info and alot of recorded experiences. Basically, everything you know about A.S. is moot when you apply it to a woman's body.

    Here are some basic rules/questions to begin with:

    1) Does she have a good, disciplined diet & training regimen already. If she just started using the 10 lb. dumbbells and knows what protein mix is, wait a year or two before even considering AS. If the basic discipline isn't there, the AS is a waste of $ and time.

    2) What are her goals? "Toning up and losing some bodyfat" can be done with a clean diet, hard training and cardio. Additionally, some AS such as winny may actually just create bloat.

    3) Are her goals realistic? Nobody is going to look like Timea Majorova without years of training. Additionally, bodyfat is a more relevant measure than the scale - lots of women just want to "fit in a smaller size."

    4) Is your girlfriend understanding the above? There are many alternatives to putting the chemicals and many variables to how the chemicals can affect each individual woman. Is she willing to spend the time to understand what she is putting in her body?

    Now that you've (or more importantly she has) considered the above, understand the doses and side effects of AS for women-

    - Might cause her menstrual cycle to stop and/or become irregular.
    - Can lower her voice
    - Increased clitoral sensitivity.
    - Increased hair growth, and/or darker hair color
    - Steroids can affect childbirth so pay extra attention to that while on AS and also for a good period (like 6+ months) afterwards
    - Acne
    - And a ton of other things.

    The thing is, at least once a week a guy will come on this board and ask the same question that you did. Consider how much time you spent learning about AS, doses, etc. and then throw in biological interaction with hormones and realize that one post will not give you all the answers you need. Even more important is that this stuff is going into her body, so SHE needs to understand the consequences and results and make sure that these are the things she truly is looking for and is also willing to experiment to see if those results will come as expected. For the small amount of actual medical (not anecdotal) info on men and AS, there is even less of it for women and the consequences are greater. And we simply want to highlight the importance of you TRULY understanding it all.

    Please spend lots of time perusing the other threads on this board. You will probably find about 95% of your questions addressed in one form or another...

    Good luck and please get your g/f in here to research herself as well!

    Some Beginning Tips for your lady:

    1. All steroids have sides.
    2. The dose of said steroid is more a factor than the type of steroid used. Taking 50mg of anavar per day will give you sides. Taking 50mg of test per week may give you nothing but great results.
    3. Each women may (will) respond to steroids differently. Even though we can make some basic generalizations, you will never know until she tries it.
    4. Steroids DO NOT burn fat - they build muscle.
    5. 90% of women do not need to ever stack steroids.
    6. Clen , T3, and DNP are not steroids.
    7. Cycles for longer duration and lower dose seem will work better for building muscle while keeping sides at minimum.
    8. Women never need to taper.
    9. The LEAST important factor in your quest to build a better body is the taking of steroids.
    10. A shorter acting steroid is easier to control than a longer acting steroid.

    Anavar, Primo or Winny???

    Here are some random thoughts on the usage of anabolics. We all have been seeing the never ending questions concerning winny, anavar, and primo for the first time user.

    Our observation and general assumption that of the three, anavar is the most mild and side free choice. Lets note that there is a dollar cost associated with this anabolic . Even thought women have it easy when compared to men in this arena, it is, non-the-less, a substantial cost difference than say primo. If costs were not an issue, then anavar would be our choice for the first timer.

    Primo is a solid second choice. It does have draw backs of course. Getting real primo is of grave concern as this is a widely counterfeited item - you better damn well know your source and have that person backed by vets and Mods alike!! Another aspect of primo is it has a healthy and long half-life. Should you find your lady knee deep in sides, you be stuck for a while.

    Winny is not most favorite anabolic right out of the gate. It has become to be know as a "snake bit" roid. For some, 50mg EOD will be the most wonderful, side free, muscle building, strength enhancing, all around kick ass roid they will ever use. While others will get the most sever sides from just looking at it. The main point is that YOU WILL NEVER KNOW UNTIL YOU TRY IT. If you decide to use the injectable, KNOW YOUR SOURCE. If that source were to pull out the expensive winny and put in cheap ass suspension (that's a very short acting testosterone ) there would not be ONE person on this women's board who could tell me the difference. But holy hell would that mess your lady up good if you were to inject it. This is a very often use scam. This is why you should ALWAYS drink your winny. If it is suspension, it will not work and all you've lost is your cash. The tabs can also be faked, winny costs a hell of a lot more than cheap meth.

    So now you talked with a few vets and confirmed with a Mod who to get good stuff from and you decide to pic one of the above anabolics. IF your PRIMARY goal is keep sides at a min, it is best to start out with a low dose to see your individual reaction and go from there.

    Anavar at 5mg/day. Run it for two weeks and if no sides, then you can bum it up to 10mg/day. BUT, if you are seeing some nice results, then there is really no need to go higher - more is not always better!! And don't be afraid to run this cycle a good 10 or even 12 weeks!

    For primo, a suggestion might be to start out with 50mg per week. Now with the longer half-life, it is going to take a few weeks before you get to the max level. So go for a good four weeks before you bump up it up. And iit might be better to keep it there for the full cycle. She can always do another cycle in a few weeks.

    Winny is a available in two forms. The injectable (which you all now know you should drink) and the tabs. For the liquid, 25mg EOD seems a good base line and the tabs at 10mg/day - although it might be wise to notch both down a tad. With the shorter half-life, two weeks should be long enough to see if any negative side come around.

    And this brings me to a little side bar today. Why not use a low level dose of test??? Faked test is not nearly as wide spread as the more expensive items above, the results are often very good, and talk about a cheap cycle!!!

    For both cutting and building, test can do both VERY well - it is the base of most every cycle for men. Why? Because it is what good ol mother nature uses in the first place. Every women already makes it - just not much of it. If you want size, you eat for it, and maybe notch up the dose a tad. It can make you very hard as well. Diet, workouts, water, yada, yada, yada are key in how you want to look. But test can be a valid option for ladies. Now you still need to go slow and get a base line for how it works for you! We are all individuals and react differently. One of my "older" clients is on 75mg of cyp every 10 days and LOVES it. She will stay on for MONTHS with no sides. (she says she gets a bit of acne, but I just laugh my ass off and shake my head when she points to this small little thing on her shoulder blade) Of course she way more horny and sex is much better. And she has often said that when she sweats, it smell different. All I have to say is, "Well we better stop if these 'sides' are so bad." LOL. I then get the, "HELL NO!!" response.

    It took us a little while to find the sweet spot for her dosing. We did 75mg every week, then 50mg every week, 100 every 10 days, and finally settled on 75 every 10 days. You just have to play with it a bit and then go from there. Also you have to think about what your willing to tolerate for sides. Her voice as notched down a tad over the last year, but most think it sounds way more sexy. Just to give you an idea of where she is at, within six weeks she can do a mid level show and place in the top three. (at 47 mind you!) Given a bit more time to bring up her legs.... and going on mass cycle, well she would do very well, but being a BB judge takes up a good part of her time.

    One note, for getting VERY lean, as in comp ready, primo does work very well in a caloric restricted diet.

    I hope you take this to heart. We know you have taken the first step and it is in the right direction - We hope you take the second, third, and so on. Do you really care for her? Or is this something that is for you?

    The Women & Men of the Women's board.

    editors note: the above post was a compilation from many contributers and edited.


    Here is the link:
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    Thanks! Good info bro!

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