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    Question ****PLEASE**** I need ****HELP**** with my ****FIRST**** cycle...

    Hey Guys looking for some Help.... First Off I would like to give a Shoot of Thanks out to all who Helped me with my past Issue..... Thank You all....

    Now to get on with it.... This will be my First time Juice'ing but I am no stranger to the Gym.... I started Power Lifting when I was 17 yrs old... I am currently at my Heaviest ie; Fattest.... I am 5'9"/5'10" 290lbs... I know.... I know.... "Damn I Sexxxxxxxxxxxy"
    Well that is what a Girl friend a Car accident and a Motorcycle accident will do....
    Anyway I was Cleared to go back to the Gym from my Dr and I need a new Girl friend....

    Below you will find a list of the Steroids I like.... I am needing your help to picking out the best to Stack for a 8 or 10 wk Bulking Cycle... I also need your help with the dosages.... I don't want to Blow up my Liver or Kidneys....

    Primobolan (Inject)
    winstrol (Inject)

    I was given the Below as a Stack but I did not get dosages;

    D-Bol / Parabolan / Sust-250 for 8wk to Gaines Mass.... Then Eq / Primobolan or Deca or Mast to Cut and Harden for 2 to 4 wk

    What about Clomid or Arimidex when would I cycle that into it.... I would want my Girls Tits turning me on instead of my own.... What else would be good to take to Block Estro and to keep your Gaines....

    I found this Stack (Below) on one of the Threads... You Guys seem to have Loved it.... But would it work for me.... I am concerned about the Water Weight you get from Test and the Issue about Estro / Gyno..... Right now my Tits look pretty good for a Striper I don't need any more.... And I am sure I have enough Water Weight now to Nourish a 3rd World Country.... I don't mind taking Chances or Risks With my Body.... Hell I cant be very Healthy Now... But I just want to limit certain things as much as Possible....

    Posted by D00fy 04.06.2002 Steroid Questions

    Wk 1-4 D-Bol 35mg
    Wk 1-10 Test 500mg
    Wk 1-10 Eq 400mg
    Wk 13 Clomid Therapy and Clen
    Wk 1 end of Clomid Arimidex / Liquidex 50mg eod

    Like I said you Guys Loved this Cycle... BTW I the post you guy suggested Changes to the D-Bol and Test... I made the Changes above.... Also I can not fig out if this is a 10 wk cycle or a 13 wk.... See Line 4 for the above Cycle...

    Anyway that is it.... I Really need the expertise that one can only find here.... So Please Get Back with your Opinions and Suggestions....

    Once again I want to Thank Everyone who has Helped me out with my pervious Issues I greatly appreciated it.... And in Advance to all that will offer their support Thank You as well....

    P.S. I WELCOME any and all Opinions and Suggestions... Please feel free to offer other Possibilities or Cycles.... If you have a Suggestion on a other Steroid to Stack I would like to hear it.... Again Thank You my Friends.... Happy Growing...

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    My opinion bro is take your time and get back into it before you think about gear. If your just getting back to the gym now you body need to get accustom to lifting. Juice could cause your strength to increase too fast and create injuries. Also at 35%bf do you really want a bulking cycle.

    My suggestion is this. Work on your training and diet for the next year and rethink this issue then.

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    I have to agree with Ron. I would wait until you got your BF down to the low 20's before getting on a cycle. I think you will find that you make a lot of progress quickly in the gym naturally and will be much happier with your cycle when you are able to maximize its benefits.

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    I'd suggest cardio, ECA, clen and clean diet to shed bf% before starting any cycle.

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    Please any Help would be Great......


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    You don`t need any steroids , get back to gym and start lifting

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