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    Injection Question

    I injected my winny for first time in my quad and I after about 30 minutes a bruise the size of a nickle appered. Im not complaining cus the injection didnt hurt one bit but I was just curious if this is normal or if I did something wrong.

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    hey bro, no big deal. you prob went through a surface vein. i did that two weeks ago, but when i pulled the pin out blood followed. dont worry its ok... the blood under the skin will go away soon

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    RUB the hell out of it!!! Then rub it some more..and then more even.

    Also..what size needle are you using?

    You can ice the area as well.

    Be sure your doing things sterile.


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    Rubbing will definatly help the problem also winnie is water based so you are more prone to infection make sure you steralize and monitor the injection site to make sure after a few days you dont have an infection

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    Mike Guest

    You dont want to rub it - rub the site of an injection RIGHT after you inject but if you have lingering swelling after that and it has been a while you dont want to rub it - it will cause irritation and aggravate the situation - you will risk spreading infection etc etc

    just let it die down - rub a lot right after injection and you shouldnt have that problem

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