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    advice for a cycle

    I am 6'4 230, pretty soft around the stomach. I am a big guy naturally, played a couple years minor league ball. Someone on here mentioned a stack of test and equipose. Looking to put on about 10 pounds and trying to get some good definition. What does everyone think? I was also thinking about doing some clen and clomid after the cycle, thoughts on that would be appreciated also. Don't wanna do anything super freaky though.

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    If you don't want to do anything super freaky - just do an Eq cycle @ 400mg per week...

    But better results would be if you ran:

    Weeks 1-9: Eq 400mg
    Weeks 1-4: D-bol 30mg EOD
    Weeks 6-11: Winstrol 50mg ED, or a Depot option of 100mg EOD

    This would lead to some size and strength increases in the beginning from the Dbol jump start and the Winny would help the Eq add deffinition (Winny/Eq is a common cutting stack).

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