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    Mike Guest


    Ok guys here's the deal - if you email me at my hushmail account - and I ask all of you to please do so (I am still getting emails to my aol account, even if I reply from there - hit me up at [email protected]) - state your board name immediately. Also if you are using an unsecure email account I won't answer any source questions or anything incriminating or stupid - please try to get a secure mail server like hushmail/operamail etc etc.

    There are Narcs on the boards right now - just got a couple emails from some mods over at other boards - be careful!!! Dont post stupid stuff and NO MORE posting smuggling techniques etc.

    Check out all sources you are unsure of with me or another MOD and let me know the name of the person on the board that gave you this source etc - as I know the board name this person was/is using....



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    Mike Guest
    Oh yeah.......Jason - let me know if the PMs are secure - I believe they are correct?? If he says they are guys - then for those of you without secure mail accounts - this is a good way to contact me about things that are sensitive - I will also probably be able to keep up with the PMs a lot better than my hushmail emails.



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    Hey guys, I thought steroid .com needed to get back to its roots, so i decided to re-open the very first thread. enjoy faggotts

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