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    Anyone who has ever used Clen

    I am currently on a bulking cycle. Of course I was not very cut before and obviousley will gain a little fat because of the cycle but what I want to know is that I am going to run a Clen and Winny cycle with Hydroxycut in the off two weeks . I would like some feedback from those who have used Clen and what I can expect. I will diet clean and do some cardio. Will I lose any of the mass I put on from my cycle? Thanks for the feedback.

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    I've found clen alone to be about the same as a very good eca stack. When you add t-3 to clen and eca (on the days when you don't use clen) it has been a great combination for me in the past.

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    I agree with Ron on that clen is ok but adding T3 to it cuts me up well

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    Clen did basically what a good ECA would do, never hit the T3.


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    Don't forget your body becomes used to Clen rapidly. Some take it for a week, then off a week, or 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off etc.

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