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    Revised Bulking Cycle

    Ok, after talking with my gear supplier, I can't get Clomid! F@#K!!! I can't even get Nolvadex . I can get Proviron and/or Arimidex . After taking everyones suggestions into account as well as what I can get, this is the revised cycle I came up with:

    Week 01: 750mg sus, Anadrol 50mg ED, 25mg Proviron ED
    Week 02: 500mg sus, Anadrol 100mg ED, 25mg Proviron ED
    Week 03: 500mg sus, Anadrol 100mg ED, 25mg Proviron ED
    Week 04: 500mg sus, Anadrol 50mg ED, 25mg Proviron ED
    Week 05: 500mg sus
    Week 06: 500mg sus
    Week 07: 500mg sus
    Week 08: 500mg sus
    Week 09: 500mg sus
    Week 10: 500mg sus
    Week 11:
    week 12:
    week 13: 5000 I.U. HCG 50 mg Proviron ED
    week 14: 5000 I.U. HCG 25mg Proviron ED
    week 15: 5000 I.U. HCG 25mg Proviron ED

    Think I should use Arimidex at all? Opinions anyone? My guy does not have Dbol either... so drol it is. I have the HCG at the end as a test booster since I don't have Clomid, for those wondering why I have it at the end... Thanks for the help Bros!

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    Do some reading on HCG it shouldnt be used post cycle if you are doing a 10 week cycle do it weeks 8&9 500iu ed. The sust looks right but if you are not experienced I would forget the drol, get some dbo if you dont have clomid dont cycle thats the rule.


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    yea bro, i would definitely leave the anadrol out of the cycle. you dont need it. but you do need clomid, coming off isnt a pleasant thing , especially if you dont have clomid. most importantly though, leave the a50 alone until you get more experiance.

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    Find a new supplier bro, as OJ said no Clomid no cycle.

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    If your going to run anadrol dont run the first four weeks it snot dbal Run it you complete cycle andno need to taper up and down with it. Maybe leave it out this cycle and sub a dbal and a deca or equip.

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