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    What fat loss method is best for ME after my cycle? See stats...

    Im 6'2 258lbs about 19 to 20% BF. Im terrified to diet wrong and lose what I have gained the past 12 weeks (roughly 20lbs). What is a good, safe protien/cal/fat ratio for me to safely maintain what I put on while getting rid of the fat? Thanks

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    I would say around 60/20/20. 60 IS protien, 20 and 20 are carbs and fat. Thats what i use and its great. Also, try some clen . Its very anti-catabolic. Thats just what I use. Only YOU will really know what works for you. The whole game is trial and error. That ratio is good for me that way I don't have to sacrafice a lot of carbs or fat. I end up doing better that way.

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    You have a good 50 pound or so to drop if you want to be ripped. That's about where I get after a good offseaon. I would go on a strict low carb diet for about 12 weeks. I would make sure that I took in about 2g of protein per lb of bw and keep carbs below 50g per day. One day per week reverse it. High low protein. Youwon'tneed much cardio. 30-45 mins first thing in the morning on an empty stomach 3-4 times per week. Personally I use DNP and T3. I take 500mg of DNP prior to bed for one week then the next week I take about 75mcg of T3. I go back and forth until I'm ripped. Train short and heavy. Drink 1-2 gallons of water per day. Take 1g of vit C per day. And get lots of rest...

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    I agree with Swole1 EXCEPT for the cardio part of it...IMO just eats at muscle that you worked hard to keep. Forget the cardio and hit all your exercises in a manner to keep your heart rate up (drops, supers). Your heart can't tell what it's doing, whether cardio or weights.

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    Im thinking about cutting some weight after my cycle as well, really just lean up a bit. Some suggest clen as an anti-catabolic and fat burner. What about a good eca stacked with clen, on and off. Is an eca a good anti-catabolic as well?

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