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    Some advise - PLEASE

    Done all the reading and just would like some pointers

    I am finishing up on a deca cycle and have made nice gains, this is the idea i have for my second cycle which i will start in about 2 months time please take a look and give any advise

    Shots Monday And Thursday mixed

    Week 1 - 10 Norma Deca - 1.7 ml (170 mg) - 1 vial only gives this amount therefore 2 vials a week totaling 340mg

    Week 1 - 10 Organon sust250 1 ml mixed with deca shot therfore 500mg a week

    week 13 - 15(16) Clomid 300mg day 1 , 100mg day 2 -7 , 50mg day 8 -21

    Nova on hand incase !!

    And all the usual ,, eat eat eat , and train till i drop !!

    Please post reply as i want to make my second cycle a good one.

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    It looks OK to me; but if you have the product, I would extend the test one more week to match up half lives and start clomid 2wks after last test shot.

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