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    New Hgh ! Did You Hear About It?

    Whats up everyone, Yesterday I was reading in a bodybuilding magazine not sure which one. But I flipped the page and read about the new HGH. It is in pills! Yup and they say that the old HGH you had a chance of being diabetic. But the new one is improved and you will not be diabetic or your chances are low of being diabetic taking the new Human Growth Hormone .. Let me know if you guys heard about it as well.



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    yeah man, i heard all about it. its for sale on the banner up top.

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    I have a bridge Id like to sell you too, cheap.
    Have you done no research on HGH?
    Are you just here for sales or spam?
    Sorry if you where serious I'm not trying to flame you but HGH in pill or spray is about as useless at those LEGAL steroid pills. LOL

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