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    how is this stacK?

    ok im looking ot gain some madd mass, and some good strength. This is my 4th cycle.
    HEre is what im thinking of running
    Test Cyp weeks 1-11
    Dbol 20-30mg ed weeks 1-4
    Fina weeks 5-10

    IF you guys have any suggestions please post them. Also is cyp the kind of test i should be running? Thanks fella's

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    Not sure but I think fina's half live is shorter than that of cyp. might was to move fina later into cycle so that they both leave your system at the same time.

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    not where I want to be
    Cyp is good for bulking, pretty much the same as enanthate . What dose are you thinking of running? Maybe throw some EQ in there too

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    Wk1-11 400-500mg test cyp
    wk1-4 30mg d-bol ed
    wk6-12 fina 75-100mg ed

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