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Thanks Gappa and Eatrainrest My hips, thighs and butt are the hardest to train. NO jiggles is what I am going for and it isnt working. Genetics ?? my mom and sisters have a completely different body type, but I get what you are saying... I am taking everyones advice very serious and believe I do need a diet and work out regime...and a whole lot of self discipline which mine totally sucks but this is all a start. I will get all the information you requested and post it tomorrow as long as you dont throw your hands in the air when you see what I do eat on a daily basis ? I want to get to that point that I am addicted to the adrenaline from being in shape, it just feels like a long road at this point.

If nothing else, the advice of others stopped me from trying what was offered to me by the trainer and I do appreciate the knoweldge yall have given me so far.
well about your trainer, i have my national cert for a few years now in training so you can ask me for advice i have a thread dedicated to free advice.

here it is- http://forums.steroid.com/showthread.php?t=385368

also, we do not bash anybody on this forum for any reason! were plainly here to help and learn from each other. i drastically changed my lifestyle in regards to dieting and its liek a drug that you cant get off of once you start seeing results. thers nothing better than somebody else noticing all the hardwork you put into it. goodluck well cya in the diet/workout forums shortly