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    Question Need testimonial response from the ladies- winny and birth control

    Need some input from the ladies please. No stories of "we'll my girl friend takes" just educated trial and error responses...
    brief history first...
    I have been training for over 7 years and have used AS for about 4-1/2. My girl friend on the other hand is a first timer in my book only because she doesn't know her body as well as I do. My knowledge is extensive but male chemistry is so much different in the regard to hormonal reaction, I wouldn't dare try to be the guru for her. We both have been around the modeling and body building circles for years, but I have only known women that have such low body fat they have never used or needed birth control. I'm definitely the juice expert for my body, and keep my philosophies surrounding my physic to my physic. Her temperament is not of the more "hard core" body builder physic but of a fitness model, which I prefer the fitness model look, than the more muscular bodybuilder. quick statement-I have a lot of body building female friends none of them will ever take test again (which some dumb ass guru had them take) but these girls are an exception because none of them have ever taken birth control when they where younger and now none of them need to and most likely will never need to. their menstrual cycle has been gone for years now.
    We keep dosages low because her diet is good and the lean muscle to body fat ratio we can gauge more so. she only takes 50mg stanozolic a week dosages broken into three shots, (not as comparable to 100mg and over which my female friends do take) then after a 5week cycle the clen . is admin. We stopped the BC and have done this cycle twice, but the question is....

    Will Ortho-tri-cyclen.(ethinyl estradiol and norgestimate) have a terrible effect on her body if taken while on the stanozolic.
    My brain(only a guru for me though) In a logical understanding I think the Ortho will only make it harder to retrieve lean muscle, due to the admin of low estrogens, not harm her body. I can not and will not put this in stone; though, I love her. So the next best thing since she has already decided to take "stanozolic" in my eyes is to just stop the BC while on. It just makes it hard because of the time it takes for her body to starts reacting to the BC once started again.

    So... have any of you ladies had any adverse reactions due to anabolic steroids and (ehinyl estradiol and norgestimate) not other steroids such as prednisolone and BC. We are very aware of the horror stories revolving doctors prescribing inflammation steroids to women taking birth control.

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    Just want to let you know that I did a cycle of deca , and months later, winstrol orals for 5 weeks while on 'cyclen' and didn't really notice anything out of the ordinary..........gained 10lbs lbm......I figured if anything BC would inhibit any chance of virilization?!

    I haven't been able to find anything on BC + AAS either.............I later felt the BC was making me lose my sex drive so I've gone off it and now started a low dose of enanthate 2 weeks ago(20mg/10days) bad sides as of yet...

    On winstrol I got the AAS flu so I don't think I will do that least not the orals (17mg/day) blood panel from the orals resembled someone's with hepA- scary!! its okay......I got good gains though....4 more lbs than the deca (at 100mg/75mg/60mg/60mg/50mg per 10 days) and I looked a lot harder.........lost all my lower BF despite the BC and without being strict on carbs and fat.

    All I can recommend at this time is to tell your GF to read up on as much as she can about AAS+men&women and then listen to her gut on what is best for her body. I say men AND women because there is not much info about women yet............terrible!

    I hope sharing some of my experience helps.

    Take care,

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