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    what do you think of this cycle

    i have 8 amps of galenika test and 10 shots of deca (dont know the name off hand )

    should i run 500mg test a week and spread out 2 ccs of deca a week?
    or should i do 250 of test a week and one shot of deca ? ne input on this would be great thanks.

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    bro u need more gear ,is this ur fist cycle ?

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    Buddy with those kinds of numbers, you are gonna just be shooting your money right into yourself. You won't see a thang with those kinds of MG. Test takes at least 2-3 weeks to start kicking in. At 250 mg per week, welll hell my own body produces that every week LOL>. (don't I wish).
    Seriously no flame bud, I think you need to stick around do some more reearch save your money, get more gear and go at it again. I hope you aren't like 16 or something.. then of course, you will have ot send all your gear to me, cause you don't need to be taking it. Of course, I would depose of it properly.. LMAO..

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