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Thread: SOURCE CHECKS 101 (or How NOT to get Scammed)

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    Exclamation SOURCE CHECKS 101 (or How NOT to get Scammed)

    Are you NEW to the world of steroids ?

    Are you impatient about finding REAL steroids online?

    Are you asking for sources in your posts? Or posting your email address in hopes some NICE guy will contact you and sell you illegal substances without knowing who you are or if you are Law Enforcement?

    If you answered YES to any or all of the above questions, then YOU my friend are a prime candidate for getting scammed !

    Scammers prey on NEWBIES like you because they know you don't know how things work in the online world of Steroids. They know you are in a hurry and want to find them as quickly as possible without waiting around


    1. NEVER ask for sources in ANY post you make in the open forums

    2. NEVER put your email address in ANY post in the open forums

    3. NEVER look like you are impatient to find a source or to have your source checked

    4. NO legit source will EVER contact you to offer you illegal substances (can you see how much sense that would NOT make?) SO , ANYONE that contacts you with ANY reason saying that they have a source, will be LYING to you and trying to SCAM you !!

    5. IF any member of this board contacts you offering any source, you should immediately forward that to *ADMIN* so that we can get rid of them from this board

    6. From time to time, someone creates a ROBOT account and posts what may look like a Legitimate Website to sell Steroids. These are 100% SCAMMERS. They get on here in hopes that newbies will fall for them since they look like a legit website!! NEVER buy from a website that posts on the open forums as this Site would NEVER allow a site to advertise ILLEGAL substances here. BE WARNED !!


    1. You must be a member of this board in good standing for a minimum of 45 days.

    2. You must have a minimum of 100 quality posts. (postwhoring doesn't count)

    3. Then and ONLY then, you can PM a WILLING VET/MOD to ask about your source. (DO NOT ask in the open forum for them to PM you!)

    4. NEVER order anything without getting your source checked by the VETS/MODS. DO NOT count on other members to give you references as scammers will OFTEN make multiple accounts in order to give out references for themselves.

    5. DO NOT settle for just ONE source check. There have been dishonest mods/vets in the past, so make sure you get confirmation from at least two or three VETS/MODS BEFORE you ever order anything online.

    IF you can not follow these guidelines, then you are setting yourself up to be scammed. Do NOT come crying to this board if you have been scammed after you chose not to follow these steps.

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    These were some responses to the original thread that we feel are helpful... enjoy!

    Staff at AR

    Quote Originally Posted by Big View Post
    Excellent thread. I have known a few good sources in my day, and none of them would ever consider approaching a total stranger and offering to sell them steroids. Any good source I know would not touch a new customer without an in-depth series of references from well know people in the community. It seems almost daily there are new scammers popping up, and new members falling victim to their tactics. What a shame, and so avoidable. People, a good source will NEVER need to solicit new clients, and will NEVER approach stranger via pm or email. Protect yourselves. Be smart, and never take a reference by just one person as gospel no matter who it is.
    Quote Originally Posted by Charger527 View Post
    good post, hopefuly this stops new members emailing other members asking for sources, and members being scammed. I personally dont use online sources but thats just me.

    One question why has it changed? I thought it was 100 posts and 6 months??
    Quote Originally Posted by T-MOS View Post
    For as long as I have been here its been 45 days Minimum and 100 posts

    keep in mind those are just MINIMUMS and subject to the VET/MOD's discretion
    Quote Originally Posted by NathanSummers View Post
    How do you really get a 100 posts without post whoring or asking stupid questions?
    Quote Originally Posted by T-MOS View Post
    Well it is our hope that you are here to LEARN and not just find a source

    so, if you are spending your time reading, you can ask questions that you need to ask to learn, or if you have good information, you can help out those that may need help.

    this is a community here and the more you get involved, the more you will learn and the more others will be willing to help you

    the problem is all the newbies are so impatient , they don't want to put in the time, so they are easy pickins for the scammers

    Quote Originally Posted by PT View Post
    good post t-mos. i wish it was essential for newbies to read it. my favorite are the scammers admin spoke of who start 4 different accounts under different ip's then use themselves as a referel. 99.9% of people who approach you will be a scammer. sources just wont do that
    Quote Originally Posted by FireGuy1 View Post
    Just noticed one of the daily contributors with to this section with well over a thousand posts was banned as a scammer.
    Quote Originally Posted by T-MOS View Post
    That was the main influence for making this thread.

    that is why it is VERY important to get ANY source checked by VETS/MODS as SCAMMERS know how to lay low and fit in to gain trust then they strike like a snake !!
    Quote Originally Posted by T-MOS View Post
    If you can not confirm ANY source by a VET/MOD, no matter WHO gives it to you then you should NOT use that source or you are taking your own chances on getting scammed

    You are however free to give your money to whomever you choose, we are just trying to protect the members here from the crooks
    Quote Originally Posted by *Admin* View Post
    See the problem we have been having lately is persons on here (mammon aka mulciber for instance) have been pming each other and sending a source (scammer) then sending them refs as well... now pay attention... they (mammon aka mulciber for instance) are the refs as well her under a different account and say that they have recieved great service etc... (mammon aka mulciber himself aka Tropic aka other-names is one of them he has several)

    Many here know and have known who he is and have allowed YOU the newbs and others to be scammed... he scammed here once under the name mulciber and was called out as such and banned... then came back the next day wihout missing a beat to take money still from many more... all the while acting like he had been done so wrong by admins for being banned... when we had the proof of what he had done to many many people... and since so many here decided that they knew better and would harbor mammon he has been allowed to scam again and this time even more people have been taken...
    wow wonder what new name he will have this time and how many more can and will be scammed this next time because so many of you think you are getting what you want so easy...

    Just so you know it is not our responsibility to take care of or deal with this type of situation at all... we are not a source board and honestly we have the rules in place to try to prevent this... it was your choice not to follow them...

    how many times have you seen someone post up I need a source... opening themselves up to scammers such as mammon who immediately pounce on them with a pm saying hey I have the guy for you... email him at if you dont have an account with them make one.... duh that should be a hint...

    This is why our monitors work so hard to try to keep this type post of the boards... and yes you can pm with all your questions and all your thoughts and info on this subject I will answer what I can... however I will tell you I have been overwhemed with all the pms on this for the past several weeks with as many as 10 to 12 who jabe been scammed of late and maybe more from this person and then more from some others... sad to say times are tougher and people love to take advantage of easy pry...

    Quote Originally Posted by T-MOS View Post
    Absolutely. I guess I lump us Monitors in with the Mods, as everyone thinks we are MODS anyway.

    My point is that they shouldn't settle for a source check from just any member especially those that have only been here a few months. If a newer member recommends a source, then the Monitors, MODS, and VETS, should already know of that source and if they don't, then chances are its a scammer

    So, they would be smart to ask the members that have been asked to be Monitors, Mods, or VETS, as that shows that ADMIN has already done background and trusts that we won't be scamming our members.
    Quote Originally Posted by *Admin* View Post
    You can rest assured that as we catch them they are banned.... sometimes we have no choioce but to allow them to stay a week or so extra in hopes that they may make good and others are at risk during that time... it is a 50/50 shot in the dark as to which is best... sad that no one will just except it takes time...

    help others not to be scammed... pass the word around...

    and y es sometimes a scammer will give you one good source out of a few but always be sure you check the addy of the sopposed good source as well because they may be giving you an addy close to the real source and it be one they have made themselves and will scam you from its been done many times.... and sometimes they give you one good one to hope that you will still use them because they will next try to cinvince you how good a deal you will get from them instead... just watch yourselves....
    Quote Originally Posted by Big View Post
    Noobs need to also understand "selective scamming". A scammer comes through on your order, you think all is well, tell all your friends that they are good, maybe even place a larger order yourself, then everyone gets screwed.
    Quote Originally Posted by *Admin* View Post
    or you place a small test order and its sent... then you place your big order and bam scammed.... oldest scam in the book...
    Quote Originally Posted by Hazard View Post
    WOW..... just found out. What a shame...... It doesn't surprise me tho...... it's happened before and i'm sure it'll happen again. Everyone just needs to be aware of problems like this.

    If you are buying anything from ANYONE here...... (not recommending it) - you better be prepared to lose all the money you sent..... if you actually get your products..... great. Good for you....

    Quote Originally Posted by gymnerd View Post
    Bro, that's very well said. I NEVER order from a source without checking,double, triple checking etc. And even then now that I have some very good source I never send more than I can afford to loose period. Any good source can turn scammer at anytime its a rough industry.
    Quote Originally Posted by BigIce View Post
    What do you suggest one should do if he thinks he got scammed.
    Quote Originally Posted by T-MOS View Post
    well, you can PM the *Admin* to let them know, but there really isn't much we can do since we are not a sourcing board

    you can PM a vet/mod to see if they know your source and if they are legit, they may be able to contact them, if they are not legit, well........sorry! that is why I made this thread, to help PREVENT such things
    Quote Originally Posted by Big View Post
    yet another new member just started a thread on how a member here scammed them. how many of you guys will lose your hard-earned cash before you accept that this isn't a source board?
    bump in hopes someone reads this lol...
    Quote Originally Posted by popup32 View Post
    i also am very new to this whole thing but so far every thing said seems like common sence. I think the best advice of all is educate before you medicate.
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