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Thread: drug testing ??

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    drug testing ??

    I have a question about testing for Deca . I know what company that is used to do the testing is there site if it helps>< It says that they also test the SPECIFIC GRAVITY & pH and the CREATININE in the urine does that mean that they well be able to detect Deca?? I think that my company has them do a 9 or 10 panel test..... need help fast....thanks

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    It looks like their 9/10 panel test is simply a drug test for the following substances. Check there is a list of the drugs they test for. I do not believe you will be tested for AS because I don't see anywhere on their website where AS is a substance that is tested for. Remember, AS testing is expensive, most companies limit drug testing to recreational drugs. Creatinine in the urine can be caused by excess creatine intake, you can't get fired for taking creatine since it is a legal supplement.

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