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    prednisone bad side effects on building muscle?

    Hey I've been prescribed 20mg/day of prednisone which is an anti-inflamatory catabolic corticosteroid.

    I'll be doing cycles of 20mg/day for two week, then down to 10mg/day for 1 week, then 5mg/day, for another week, then off for 1-2 weeks.

    It's a treatment for the inflamation I get on my tongue. I'm not some idiot that thinks it will help me build muscle just because its called a steroid lol.

    But I'm just wondering if anyone has had any experience with corticosteroids and if they had any bad side effects with muscle weakness, or bone weakness, or anything else?

    Basically what I get is a rash on my tongue that comes and goes. I'm atopic which means that the environment affects me. So contact with certain things on my skin will give me dermatitis. Strong smelling perfumes will make me feel very very tired and sting my eyes. And also if I bite my tongue, or burn it, or sometimes just for the hell of it, my tongue will get a wandering rash on it called geographic tongue. It's no big deal, but it looks gross. It comes for about 1-2 weeks then goes away for a week or so then comes back. This has been happening for about 2 years. There is no serious medical risk with the condition. So treatment is simply to get rid of the gross appearance the rash causes.

    I know 20mg/day of prednisone will get rid of it. But I read a study where dropping the dosage as low as 10mg/day will cause relapse of the rash. So I'm hoping by cycling it I will keep the rash under control, while not getting any bad side effects.

    What do you think?

    Also this will probably have to be done for the rest of my life on and off to control it. Similar to using topical elecon ointment for my dermatitis when it flares up. They never actually go away unfortunately.

    I know there are some brilliant people on here with great knowledge of all things related to steroid use , including corticosteroids, so I'm hoping someone here will be able to help me out.


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    Yes Ive been thru prednizone. Upwards of 200mg/day IV. It shed 15lbs of muscle off me in 4 days. No Joke.

    The stuff is aweful. There is hope, your having an autoimmune reaction. Read up on a drug called low dose naltrexone... and it will boost your immune system instead of lowering it for these issues.

    My girl used to have it, it will solve your problem, print out the info on it, find an open minded doc and get it prescribed, it saved my life.

    PM me if u need more info.

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    plus it adds body fat

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    you lost 4# of muscle every 24 hrs ? that is a pound of muscle every 6 hours for 4 days! does nor seem possible anything could strip muscle that quick!

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    I hated it, I was on 80mg ED and kept going done each week for a 8 f'ing weeks. It totally sucks, extra BF, loss in muscle...

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    another thing is that it makes you more apt to getting abscesses(did i spell that right) if your pinning yourself

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