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    Question Needle Q's

    Alright, i have done a lot of research on this topic but there are many answers to this q. I live in illinois so i have to have a prescription to get needles. I know a diabetic and i have 1/2 inch diabetic needles. I know they suggest 1 inch for injecting in the ass and leg but would the 1/2 inch needles work for deltoid injection. If any one has an idea or answer please let me know.

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    1/2 should work fine. will be a bitch squeezin through a 27 guage though. i use a 25 g 5/8" for my delts.

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    I only use 1 inch for delts and 1 1/2 inch for the cheeks. I think 1/2 inch is a little small but I may be wrong but i wouldnt go that small cause i like to go deep into the muscle. BTW I use 22 and 23 gauge. Order from

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