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    whats the normal dose???

    whats the usual dose for testosterone proprionate injections.
    im doing about 250mg a week is this right?

    my strength has improved to the point that people are staring at me in the gym and i feel great. you may remember i am the guy who cut my juice with canola oil. no infection yet he he
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    It depends on cycle experience, goals etc.

    For example. My second cycle is coming up after New Years and i'll be doing 100mgED for 4wks along side my Enan. which will run the whole cycle at 500mg. Most who are jump starting or it's their first cycle tend to go with around 50mgED(350mg per wk) or 100mgEOD.

    But if your getting satisfying gains off of 250mg a wk, then don't change it. The trick to gear is getting the optimal amount of gains with the least amount of juice. It's much easier on the pocket and the body that way.

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    that is exactly the correct way to use roids
    i wish all the newbees would listen to the ones on here who use corectly
    and not listen to someone who tells them to use 3500mgs a week of testosterone
    so many over do it

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