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Thread: shot sizes

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    Question shot sizes

    going to start sust deca stack with D-bal but need to now how much I can inject at once? I read hear that 300 mg per injection is the norm. so i would like to know if I can split up the injections in equal amounts. on a monday lets say 250mg of sust in one glute and 200mg of deca in the other glute at the same time so one side does not get to much. and then on a thursday do the same thing over again so that it is split up durring the week. would this be ok or is there a better way.

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    Mike Guest wont understand this until you are clear on the difference between mg and ml - mg us the strength of your gear (sus is 250MG PER ml, or cc) ml and cc are both volumes. So 1ml of sus250 is 250mg. The rule of thumb is shooting 3MLS at one time in the glute - and no more than 2 in the quads (though I bend this slightly - I dont recommend you do for a while)

    if you let me know how strong your deca is i can let ya know how to split it up (whether it is deca50 deca 100 deca 200 deca 300 etc etc)


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    ok glad thats cleared up ok now that I under stand that hears the problem. I have not orderd my stuff yet all I know is I going to order 16 sust 250 and and 200 5mg dianabol and organon deca all my deca says is 3, 2ml pots or I can get norma deca 1, 2ml pot so i need to find out what the strenths are before I order.

    I can bet norma deca or or organon deca which is better?

    also will get clomid and nolvadex

    but i still need to know how to split up my shots.
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    Mike Guest
    Ok bud i still dont know the strength of your deca but I will try to answer this question:

    You should inject only about 3ccs into your glutes so lets say you are doing 500mg of sus and 400mg of deca per week and let us assume your deca is 200mg/ml

    What you would want to do is one shot with 1cc of sus and 1cc of deca mixed on one day - then 3-4 days later do the same shot (giving you a total of 500mg/sus and 400mg/deca and not having to inject more than 2ccs at a time) it helps to mix them because they hurt less that way

    so the rule of thumb here is to inject no more than 3ccs in the glute at a time and no more than 2 in your quads - and always rotate injection spots so one spot doesnt get hit more than once per week - check out the injection FAQ i wrote - the link should be in my signature.

    ask me if this doesnt clear it up


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    I dont know the strenth of my deca yet eather but what you said cleared all of this up. but I dont know if I will be able to inject in my butt so will I be able to put 2cc in my thigh with out problems and also is one brand of deca better than a nother?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chisim View Post
    Can you shoot 3cc's at a time from the same syringe? or is that too much?
    I did 3cc's ten minutes ago in my glute.
    As far as I know im alive.
    And from the last 10times also.

    So I guess that you can...

    3ml would be maybe too much for delt, trap, pec, but for bigger muscle (leg and glute) its alright.

    Under 2 cc i pin shoulder over 2cc I go with glute.
    Quad is my last resort... I hate pinning quad...
    Im considering biceps, maybe traps...

    Anyway 3 cc isnt too much depending on the muscle.

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    By the way you are asking questions I would conclude this is your 1st cycle?
    You really should not be stacking different compound for a 1st cycle. It should be test only and you need a much better understanding on how things work such as Mg/mL, oil cariers such as E, C & P. Things you will need on cycle such as HCG , AI and PCT.

    Unless all of this makes perfect sense then hold off ordering anything and sit back and start learning.
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