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    how do i get better gains?

    i have taken a cycle of deca and equpoise and im in the middle of a cycle of winny and eq but i havent got that many gains. i have gained like 15 lbs but i havent got all the shreads and cuts i heard i would from the winny and eq. how do i get hella shreded from the jouice?


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    The original jason Guest
    bro u r only gonna get that if u r low in bf% already the only reason that stack is said to do that is it doesnt retain water and the gains u get u usually keep i wuold be made up with 15lb gains from that cycle u have a good chance of keeping it


    ps if u want to be more shredded adjust your diet and do more cardio

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    The gear is doing what its suppose to do by giving you lean muscle mass I have to agree with Jason now its up to u and ajust you diet

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