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    help with new cycle

    I am trying a new bulk cycle of 25 mg anadrol and sustanon 250 from ttokkyo labs. i have been on the cycle about 2 weeks have gained 10 pounds. this my second cycle so i am still a new at this. I am taking 3 anadrol tabs a day, and one shot of sustanon 250 a week. Initial results were good but i have hit a wall and not gaining any more weight. My work out sets range at a pyramid of 12 8 6 6 4, and caloric intake is around 4000 cals a day. Protein is out the roof. Any sugestions to modify the stack? Should I split the sustanon to twice a week at 125 mg? (125 x 2 = 250 a week) or should i up the dosages? any suggestions?

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    Well...considering sust doesn't kick in for 3-4 wks, most of your gains have come from the drol (water retention). Why did you choose to run such a low dose of sust? I would have said run at least 500mg/wk and I would have said replace the sust with enanthate (or heptylate if possible).

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