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    1st cycle advice

    current stats
    200 5 10 15%

    was thinking of starting light
    maybe some deca and/or SUS alone or combined with DBOL

    any ideas

    my realistic goal for the 1st cylce is to get strong, heal up some nagging injuries, may be add some weight and burn some fat. My second cycle will be focusing on lowereing my boady fat under 10%. any suggestions for this cycle would be helpful as well.


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    deca will help problems with your sust, deca and d-bol.. worry about lowering your fat content later.. get a hold of some clomid for post cycle..and get some nolvadex incase you start developing gyno.. since it's your first cycle you may not know unless you have predisposed to it in the past... if you don't want to run nolva you may want to try arimidex the end run clenbuterol if you want or you can try hydroxy cut to loose some of that extra fat and water. just my .02... below is how i ran my first cycle..i ran it for 8 weeks...hope it helps..Madmax..

    500 mg sust (you can not maximze the prop without shooting eod, that would require 750mg....750 is a high dose for a begginer, stick with the 500mg) (1-8) or (1-10) weeks

    300 or 400 mg deca (1-8) or (1-10) weeks
    25 or 30mg d-bol (1-4)weeks

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    So you are saying to inject 250 2X/week of the SUS??? When do I take the Deca ? Once a week or same as the SUS? Do I mix in the same syringe as the SUS?

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