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Thread: cycle help

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    cycle help

    a freind of mine is 5' 9, 215 with 15 % body fat and just finished 10 cc of eq, he did not see much gains from the eq and trained hard and ate like a horse. his goal is to be 225 to 230 with 8 to 9 % body fat. what would be a good recommendation for his next cycle. hes been working out for 2 years constinently. he is 20 years old. any suggestions would be helpful. thanks.

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    a cycle of 10ml of eq? who told him to do that? WTF?

    i bet no post cycle clomid therapy, too right?
    1. does he eat clean? proper diet, to me, there is no such thing as bulking and cutting cycle. just straight up LBM gain with extra little fat.
    2. does he know how to train properly and listen to his body? you have to communicate with your body becuz it talks to you. you ever felt so wear out and pain from training, but it's not your day off, so you go to the gym anyway. it's overtrained cuz you didn't listen to your body.
    3. i recommend he reads and reads every boards and ask question. if he's shy fucking email me. but from what you tell me, he can't even tell an apple fron an orange.

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    Well bro, first off, it makes me very angry when I see a post like this, cause it means you and/or your buddy didn't do research. It really upsets me to see guys just sticking shit into their bodies without doing any kind of research or homework.
    Okay with that out of my system, here goes:
    First off 10cc's of EQ isn't enough to do squat. Minimum dosage of EQ is 400mg for 10-12 weeks. I have seen guys go longer and get great results. It takes EQ about 3-4 weeks to even start working into your system. At your levels, just just pissed your money away friend.
    If I am understanding you correctly, you did 10cc's, (I assume 200mg per week, one shot per week).
    This isn't even enough to keep blood levels constant much less allows it to kick in.
    Next time do some research bro, for you and your friends sake, it will most likely lessen the harm you will be putting on yourself.
    Also to alot of guys, (Including myself), would stack EQ with something else like test.
    Most inexperienced guys, think that they can just stick AS into their bodies and they will instantly get results.
    One thing I have learned from the many years training and doing AS, that it takes alot of dedication, and motivation, as well as decipline to eat, train and administer AS correctly, before you can start seeing results.
    Most guys think AS are the end all do all. Believe me there is alot more to BBing and AS than this.

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