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    Question with or without you?

    hey I need some advise from the bros for my next cycle...
    this is my 8 weeks cycle:

    1-8 Enanthate , 500mg
    1-8 EQ, 200mg
    1-8 Deca , 200mg
    1-8 winstrol , 25mg/ed

    nolvadex and proviron in the cycle
    clomid and HCG for post-cycle
    looking to gain -quality- mass and strength.
    my question is does the winny gona make a difference
    at this does in the cycle or should I leave it out?

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    My suggestion would be to extend the cycle length. Despite the quality theories making their rounds on this board concerning shorter cycles, they are normally used in conjuction with a more detailed long-term plan, ie, short cycles spanning a six month period (mini-cycles, if you will). At your doses, it would seem like your looking for a classic mass gainer, with some paring of bodyfat (towards the end? I would think the eq and winny suggesst). However, that being said, I'm not sure what you'd be looking at in terms of gains, effectiveness (or lack thereof), etc, when you're essentially taking a pretty standard dose, in mg's, of the complimentary steroid deca or eq and halving it between the two. You'd have to get some feedback from some experienced guys in that department, but I have my doubts that the two are synergistic, and at a low dose of each, you're effectively getting much less than the full effect (at 400mg) of either one. I believe you'll get a good amount of suggestions indicating that you should pick one over the other in the deca/eq dept.

    Finally, maybe the winny time should be shortened and stuck at the end, particularly if the cycle is extended to 12 weeks or so.

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    I agree w/BigGreen, you need to pick either EQ or Deca . Eq will get you more cut, Deca will give you more mass.

    Here is a good EQ cycle. I'll leave it to others to help w/the Deca.

    1-13 Enanth 400-500mg (I think 400mg is enough but many guys run 500)
    1-12 EQ 400mg
    10-15 Winny 50mg/ed

    Start clomid 2 days after last winny dose.


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