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    Does this look good... 1st cycle

    STATS: 5'10", 160lbs, 22 yrs old, liftin since high school, 1st cycle:

    Week 1-4: Denkall D-bol (30mg ed)
    Week 1-10: QV Ethanate (250 mg X 2 weekly)
    Week 1-10: QV EQ (200 mg X 2 weekly)
    Week 11-13: Clomid Therapy
    *Nolvadex on hand (In case of gyno symtoms start at 20mg a day)

    Sunday: Legs(Inject both Ethanate/EQ)
    Monday: AM-Back/Traps, PM-Chest/Tris
    Tues: AM- Bis, PM-Delts
    Wed: Legs(Inject again)
    Thurs: AM- Chest/Tris, PM-Back/Traps
    Fri: AM-Delts, PM-Bis
    Sat: Off

    **Going to hit abs/calves everyday I lift(split between AM/PM)
    ***Morning start off 10 minutes on stationary bike to warm up

    Diet: 4000-5000 calories per day

    ****Diet going to consist mostly of protein powder, skim milk, wheat bread, peanut butter, egg whites, sausage patties(for breakfast), oatmeal, yogurt, cottage cheese, fruits/veg, meat(mostly turkey, chicken, roast beef...steak when I can), cheese, tuna, and pizza(only on saturday which is my off day and to make sure I get a lot of calories)

    How does this look? Do I need any modifications? I'm pumped since I plan on doing a few bulk up cycles before I do a cutting cycle. I'm pretty fit/light now so I don't think later down the road I will have a problem losing some bf to get cut up. I plan on doing this mid January or early February. I'll do before/after pics if anyone is interested.

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    fina land
    looks great you are rigth on track


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    Good cycle but I'd make a couple changes:

    Week 1-4: Denkall D-bol (30mg ed)
    Week 1-11: QV Ethanate (250 mg X 2 weekly)
    Week 1-10: QV EQ (200 mg X 2 weekly)
    Start Clomid therapy 3 weeks after last EQ injection.

    EQ has a 18-21 day half-life, Enanth's half-life 14 days. You need to give the a/s time to get out of your system before starting clomid.


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    Once again... your 5'10 and only 160 lbs.
    Try the 4000-5000 cal/day without the gear and see how your body responds! I can't believe you hit your natural potential already.

    (I know, it seems I am on a anti-steroid podium this morning...)

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