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    Thumbs up found some real winstrol tabs need help

    found some real winstrol tabs need help.

    THey are expensive but they are real.

    What kinda gain can someone get from pink winstrol tabs??

    And can i keep the gains after, how should i take them??

    thanks all

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    alright im gonna first carify something then adress this a newbie so all i know is from research witch is what i suggest to you,winstrol is a cutting oral and i know that the best way to get the most out of orals is to stack with a cutting injectable, oral alone sux, and again this is from reading not using so i recomend readind every thing you can on all sites that deal with AAS use ,then after you have done your research youll be abel to answer(almost) all your own ?'s

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    Maybe you can tell us what your cycle looks like and we can help. Winny tabs really arnt going to do anything for you but if you stack them with somthing else you might benifit from them. If you havent bought them already see if you can get somthing else.
    A typlical stack should go like this
    400 mg deca weekly
    600 mg test of your choice weekly
    600 mg eq weekly (thats my preference) you can sub
    maybe dbal 40mg per day spread out throught the day.

    try to stay away from to many orals because of the liver problem adn definatly dont stack two oral like winny and dbals together your asking for trouble.

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